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Emma is not a person. Emma is a place that you get stuck in. Emma is a pain that you cannot erase.
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There’s the whole mindfuck of Hailey’s death being this great enabler. I used to pitch books nobody wanted, now publishers are coming after me. My professional dreams can start to come true, and all because Hailey died. I’m famous for being sad. And then there’s the airline settlement. I’m going to be paid handsomely for being sad too. So I’m going to be rich and successful, but if I could go back in time and somehow save her, stop her from getting on that flight, I would in a heartbeat.
But someday I’ll fall in love again, right? I’ll start over with someone, and maybe we’ll buy a big old house with all this new money I have, and we’ll have kids, and I’ll be a professional writer, maybe even write some books. I’ll have this whole great life, and it will all be thanks to my wife dying in a plane crash. And I don’t know exactly at what point it will happen, but the time will come when I’ll have crossed this line to where maybe I wouldn’t go back to save her, because I’ll know that if it weren’t for her dying, I wouldn’t have this family I love, and this life I’m living. And the thought of that, of becoming the person who wouldn’t go back to save her…”

"In a way, it’s actually kind of appropriate, don’t you think? I mean, look at it this way: that’s how she stays with you forever, by making sure you’re okay after she’s gone. It’s like emotional life insurance.
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I can see the desperate invitation in her wet eyes, the burning need for me to breathe life into the idea. I can feel my belly shudder at the possibility that what I’d thought was irretrievably lost might unbelievably be within my grasp, that I might end this day back in her arms, the terrifying desolation of our current circumstances already retreating into the past, shrinking until it disappears.

“I can’t,” I hear myself say sadly, and she looks as surprised as I am. I never trusted that she could love me completely, and only now, as I irrevocably finish us off, does the reality of her love become clear to me, and it feels like I’ve lost her all over again. “I can’t,” I say again, my voice thick with emotion, the light around us swirling madly through the prism of our tears. People brush past us on the street in endless waves, leaving somewhere, headed somewhere else, laughing, smoking, speaking into cell phones, completely oblivious to the holocaust of an entire world casually imploding in their midst.
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untitled by [ JEFF LIU ] on Flickr.
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untitled by [ JEFF LIU ] on Flickr.

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A social intelligence test hosted by Harvard University, which measures your ability to read the emotions of others solely by their eyes.

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Jens Moretensen

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"hey kid i got that book you wanted"


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a underaged girl could be wearing lingerie and shaking her ass in a grown man’s face begging him to take her and guess whaaat

hes still trash for fucking her

hes the adult. he has enough control and willpower to say no. he knows that fucking kids is wrong.

stop sympathizing with men and protecting them for falling “victim” to “teenage temptresses”

if you cant trust yourself to not fuck kids, even if they “tempt you” the problem is you, NOT the kid

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